Need to re-tune, restore, re-balance ? Find your rhythm of life and resonate at your highest vibration ? Welcome : The Power of Sound

As I write it’s almost two years since I started my professional certification in sound healing. Lockdown began in March 2020 here in the UK, lockdown began and as we switched from face-to-face yoga classes to live-online I sought deeper ways to help re-shift the united vibration of the Nation. This was a palpable one of heightened uncertainty, anxiety, fear and stress. I’ve always had an interest in music and sound and intuitively explored how it’s made me feel but there’s a methodology and process to it’s most successful use that I am now trained in and it’s powerful benefits are backed by Science. I’m not a great writer and a picture (or video) speaks a thousand words. So I’ve summarised and shared a little snapshot of what I’ve learnt .. do please take a peak.

Meditation, freedom and happiness

“If we don’t know how to increase our awareness or how to control our mind, we have suffering, like everybody else. When we know how to increase our awareness, we have freedom, we have happiness.”


… and .. if you’re reading this and curious to learn more and experience how to utilise sound healing for your own self-care, and as a stepping stone, on your own transformational journey do reach out.

You can get my FREE yoga strategy to create Calm and Ease in your day here

If you’d like to join a waitlist for the Sound Healings Self-Care Commitment Club / Group programme or have questions .. Let me know what your challenge/s is/are and any questions you have and I’ll get back to you if you seem a good fit for the programme.

Stay well.

Carry the love, Carry the light, Carry the joy, Carry the hope .. and may you share it with every traveller you meet on your journey

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