Seasons, Cycles, Rhythms: Are you feeling In-Sync ?

Cycles, Seasons and Lunar Eclipses:

Are you feeling balanced, synced and in-rhythm ?

If you’re feeling a little ‘off’ that’s ok ! You’re probably not alone and here’s why:

November’s full Beaver Moon has recently passed.  The full moon corresponds to the end of inhalation when the force of prana (energy) is greatest. Notice and feel the energy as you take a deep breathe in and hold it ?   An expansive, upward moving force making us feel energetic; emotional; but not well grounded.  Full moons are usually powerful times of release, resolution, and illumination, but this Beaver Moon, Nov 19th 2021, saw a lunar eclipse too; with these energies put on hyperdrive.  Perhaps ushering in all sorts of emotional changes.  

The Beaver Moon is a nickname given to the full moon that takes place each November, and it’s named for the fact that this time of year is traditionally when beavers seek shelter for the colder months looming ahead. It’s also historically known as the Frost Moon or Freezing Moon; This all alludes to the shorter days and chillier temperatures that take hold at this point in the autumn and may highlight a need to shift our daily habits; a need to adapt and change in order to restore, re-energise and thrive.

Finding that your movement/food/sleep/ routines or habits are no longer serving you ? What worked in the Summer days is leaving you feeling depleted, unmotivated or stuck ? Our daily environment, stresses, foods, and seasonal changes all can influence our body and mind and cause imbalances. When we get to know all this more, we can make changes to help bring more balance and harmony into our living. Connecting with Nature and ‘Circadian’ Rhythm allows us to do this with ease but life and work stresses can leave us disconnected and out of balance.

If you’re feeling ‘out-of balance’, lacking in energy/motivation and in need of restoring to a more radiant state at this time then I’ve created this roadmap for you.

If ‘pushing’ past your natural sleep time and working too hard / late is something you do regularly I have a Sleep Masterclass to help you too.

Let’s end this year the best we can. Stay well everyone x

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