The teacher

DSCN0889 (2)Rachel is an associate level 1 Yoga Alliance Professional teacher;  having originally trained with Yoga London in Ashtanga Vinyasa.  Rachel has a passion to explore the benefits of yoga, and make it accessible to more.  She takes a joyful path of lifelong learning and deepening, in knowledge and experience, as this is both shared and enriched by the communities which Rachel serves.  Rachel has specialised accreditation in Pregnancy, Rocket and Yin yoga.

Rachel’s decision to become a teacher of yoga followed from experiencing the healing benefits that a regular practice brought to body, spirit and mind.    We can find ourselves ‘rushing’, ‘striving’, ‘achieving’ and the impact this ’24/7 run from the tiger’ can have, along with a knowing of the help and resilience that yoga can bring,  led Rachel to her current path and passion.

Rachel now works at building communities of yogis/yoginis in and around Market Harborough, sharing a love of this powerful practice, continually developing her knowledge of yoga and regularly experimenting with other styles in the hope that the balance, calm and clarity that it brings can be accessed by all.

What to expect ?

Each class is different.  Here is an example of a Vinyasa class :

Vinyasa yoga is a style which works with the breath and movement.  It links traditional ashtanga yoga postures in a dynamic, flowing  and creative way.  The intention is to keep heat in the body whilst being fun, liberating, rejuvenating and relaxing.  Inspiration is taken from music; integrating the traditional with the more modern sounds.

Although each class will be different, adapting to individuals needs,  a typical structure will exist as follows:


Brief discussion and overview of the class’s theme or intention


Use of  breathing techniques (pranayama) to bring awareness to the present moment and to calm and soothe the nervous system

Warm Up:

Gentle stretching and movement to prepare the body for the more dynamic postures to follow.

Main flow:

Building heat and energy in the body through dynamically linking postures (asanas).

Lunar (cool down):

Slowing down the energy of the practice, moving towards a place of stillness and recovery.

Relaxation ( Savasana):

A time when the wonderful benefits from the  practice can be absorbed;  laying  still and simply ‘being’.


A short seated pause to ground and recall intentions once more. ‘Namaste !’


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Christine Williams October 29, 2019 — 7:50 am

    Hi Rachel, can you tell me if you have a class on a Tuesday, a Friday evening or a Saturday please?
    Thank you Chris Williams


    1. Hi Christine, I do have a Tuesday evening class.
      You’ll find all the details by heading to the ‘Class schedule and Events Calendar’ page. 🙏❤️x


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