Surviving to Thriving : *Re-Root *Re-energise *Rise *Thrive *Shine

Do you feel you have an inner spark that needs re-lighting ? A ‘knowing’ that you’ve so much ‘more’ to offer to the world if only you could unlock it ? That you’ve been going through the motions, on auto-pilot; ‘mocking’ life for a little too long ? Feeling a little dull, stuck or blocked ? Have you a desire to finally unlock your potential, re-ignite ‘life’ .. to start ‘rocking’ it and ‘living’ life to the full ?

Welcome ! .. join the journey / roadmap to accelerate your wellbeing to new heights in this 12 week dynamic group coaching programme: Surviving to Thriving : Re-root, Re-Energise, Rise, Shine and Thrive.

In this powerful group coaching programme I’ll guide and support those in a place of stress, overwhelm, imbalance or adrenal fatigue to rekindle their passions, gain clarity, recognise their worth and thrive – in all areas: body, mind and spirit.

My signature programme integrates the learnings and explorations that I myself made, and now embody, on my journey out of empty/dullness/adrenal fatigue/burnout to re-finding myself and being awake to ‘life’. It’s a holistic wellness dynamic group programme that alchemises the powerful practices of yoga, it’s sister science ayurveda, sound healing, habit science and neuroscience to get you on your path to re-finding the ‘Be-you-to-full’ ‘you’

.. Feel that NOW is your time to shine, thrive and awaken ‘yourself’ .. why would you wait any longer ?

Fill out the form below, if you’re a good fit for the programme we’ll arrange a complimentary consultation (approx 30 mins) to explore more.

Please indicate a good date and time to schedule your consultation and answer the questions below.

Many thanks and congratulations on reaching out and making this important step. I look forward to connecting with you and supporting you in your journey.

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