Pregnancy Yoga in a Safe and Supported Space

PregnantLady“Prenatal Yoga is one of the best things that you can do for yourself, as well as your growing baby”;  Fit Pregnancy & Baby.

Catering for the 2nd and 3rd trimester (14 weeks+), Pregnancy Yoga classes are carefully designed to maintain movement, to bring physical relief and to empower mums-to-be at this special time.                                                                    

Yoga is increasingly recommended to pregnant women because it is a gentle way of maintaining or gaining fitness whilst reducing anxiety with breathing and relaxation techniques. Racheleyoga’s pregnancy yoga selects and adapts yoga practices that are safest and most suitable for pregnant women. Hip rotations and flowing sequences of moves have been developed to avoid strain in held postures. Yoga breathing techniques expand women’s breathing capacity in gentle and effective ways that carry through to labour and the postnatal period to promote physical and emotional wellbeing. Pelvic elasticity and stability are encouraged for the best foundation for birth and postnatal recovery..           

pregnant-woman-1910302_1280Accessible to all women, whether they are practised yoginis or new to yoga.  Racheleyoga pregnancy classes use adaptations of classic yoga from conception to birth, innovating with micro-movements and flow sequences. Deeply nourishing, caring, relaxed and nurturing classes offer a continuity of support, empowering women at all stages of pregnancy.

18740652_1876251445974142_3064265372649878453_nA holistic approach is taken in addressing the needs of each woman and baby in supportive small classes.  The view that normal birth is accessible to a majority of low risk women is shared, whilst a deep respect for the mother’s choice is held. The positive active yet relaxed atmosphere of pregnancy classes aims to convey a shared feeling of celebration and enjoyment of this very special time of transformation and growth. All babies deserve a warm and loving welcome into this world!

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