Rocket Yoga ? Yin Yoga ? Vinyasa/Ashtanga/.. ? … Many styles of yoga but which should I try ?

I’ve been asked recently about the differences. So here’s a repost from January 2019


Even when people have a clear distinction between Pilates and Yoga (simplistically; one has a physical focus, the other tends to have a spiritual focus as well as body and mind) . There are now so many styles of yoga that the choice can perhaps be bewildering.

So what is ‘The Rocket’ ?  


There are those of us who love ‘the rocket’ 😍🙏💕… but we are all unique and should celebrate that .. so we accept it’s not for everyone ..

Where does ‘Rocket Yoga’ come from ?

Intro… Larry Schultz

The ‘Bad Boy of Ashtanga’

Larry was affectionately known as the ‘Bad Boy of Ashtanga’ because after spending time with Pattabhi Jois learning classical Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, Larry became frustrated with not being allowed to move onto the Second Series and practice other poses besides the Primary Series.  He broke away from the ordered system but took many of…

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