25th March 2020 – Pregnancy Yoga during Lockdown

| 🙏❤️ Nurturing, Nourishing, Empowering – Pregnancy Yoga 🧘🏻‍♂️ 🙏❤️|
So . this was me .. on my own in my studio (yet connecting virtually) Wednesday evening, March 25th 2020; teaching pregnancy yoga (an hour + class condensed into 1min 🧐😅) … online … for the 2nd time.
There’s a strength that comes from connecting as a small gathering of women at this magical time for them. Recognising this but anticipating a necessity to support social distancing for the greater good of the health of the nation and our NHS .. the Pregnancy Yoga Course was taken online (18/03/20)
My inspiration for working quickly to keep this special ‘vulnerable’ group all connected at this challenging time … 🙏❤️😘
The next April #Nurturing#Nourishing and #Empowering Pregnancy Yoga Course starts next week ..
It’s taken in real time at home through zoom …
If you know anyone who could benefit please share 🙏❤️

#support #together 



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