Juicy January .. (Where did that go ?) February .. Full Moons .. (Finding Flow State?)

February 2021 ! Missing connecting to family and friends and going on ‘adventures’; beyond ‘exercising outdoors and joining ‘online’ communities to learn new things !? More than ever feeling drawn to wild mountains, water, wilderness and forests of pine trees .. ?

When connecting to Nature I find heightened inspiration – Do you ? Whether it’s: climbing to the top of a mountain, and seeing the panoramic views and smelling the ‘freshness’ of the air, or the sound, view, feel of water descending down a waterfall, or the comfort that ensues in being cocooned / enwrapped in a canopy of trees. There is often the paradoxical feeling of lost/remote/alone/loneliness, and yet, an overriding simultaneous feeling of connection with the wild and sacred landscape. There is much to be learnt from tapping into nature. Have you witnessed the healing brought from connecting with Nature; of Mother Earth; being fully aware and tuning into her rhythms, cycles, phases ? There seems to be a recent rise of recognition of the health benefits within western medicine and science into eg. syncing / tapping into .. the circadian rhythm of sleep-wake cycle and, slowly but increasingly, for women and gender-specific health science, the lunar clock and hormonal cycle of the moon phases and life stages. This intuitive bodywisdom has been accessed, encouraged and practiced by yogis of yore and ayurvedic rituals / habits for millennia.

So NEW FOR 2021 …I’m excited to be hosting moon-thly full moon gatherings. In many cultures there are forms of red-tent / lodge gatherings; communities of multigenerational women nurturing each others mind, body and spirit health through sharing of knowledge and experiences in a safe, non-judgmental, confidential and supportive space. The importance of health at this time: specifically women’s mind, body and spirit health, as we travel through our cycles of life, and face unprecedented challenges/pressures in fulfilling our roles without the support/release found in meeting with others, is my motivation for hosting the Full Moon gatherings at this time. My intention is to fuse the Red Tent concept with the energy of the Full Moon: facilitating sharing, connecting, and supporting each other, as women, during this time of optimum energy. If you’ve read this far, and are interested, I warmly invite you to join us this month. Connect in advance for your entrance ticket / link / more info / details.

The vibrant tribe in the ‘Surviving’ to ‘Thriving’ Group Coaching are fast orientating in the direction of Flow and Ease and yoga practices this month are also themed around ‘finding flow’. On that note I’ve found myself in such accelerated flow forwards that I omitted to share January’s theme…. ‘Getting Juicy’ .. so here it is / was !

For me, I’ve been finding flow in deepening my learning of sound healing, handpan, all things holistic wellness; habit science, mindset, coaching, ayurveda and yoga .. Here are some snippets of that too..

Thanks for reading. Do connect and staywell xx

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