December Declarations 🌲🤶🏼

So now in the last month of 2020; What can you declare to shine light into these days, to finish the year 2020 more resilient and ready to flow into 2021 ?

Despite its challenges, illnesses, setbacks, diversions and distractions what one thing might you declare today to put in place to end the year stronger / shining more brightly ?

What is a declaration and is it different from an affirmation ?

A declaration is a written or oral statement of a fact or belief.

We often see or hear of the practice of affirmations being used: These are positive statements used repeatedly with the aim of generating and challenging a negative thought. For example, if you are lacking self love/value you might look yourself in the eye in the mirror each morning and say “I love you”. For me, when I was in a place of self-lack / love / loathing this use of opposites merely brought tears. You can say “I love you’, “I love you’, ‘I love you’ .. until you’re blue in the face but unless you are ‘feeling’ it, and in a place of depletion/unworthiness, it’s powerless, futile, pointless and harmful.

I see a declaration as more powerful therefore. It has to have ‘belief’ and , importantly , the ‘feeling’ of belief behind it. In the above example you might look yourself in the eye in the mirror and say ‘I’m going to learn to love you more each day’ or ‘I’m grateful for how unique you are, no-one does ‘you’ better !’. ‘I declare I’ll put steps in place each and every day to demonstrate that you are worthy, valued and loved’ ‘I declare to prioritise self care’.

What declarations would work for you ? These might be one step to get you shining more brightly in the advent to Christmas and beyond ? Wishing you love and light this Christmas and into 2021 🙏🎄❤️🔆 (Do share / comment / let me know how you get on ♡)

For me I’m grateful for having already taken the path of self healing. Having the awareness that self-care is crucial during challenging / these times: noticing any imbalances and intuitively tapping into the tools/knowledge/skills of: yoga, ayurveda, gut health, habit change science, neuroscience, sound healing/meditation and mindfulness etc. to bring me back to a place of stability, focus, resilience and inner calm: from which we can all thrive. I’m acutely aware of how stress manifests itself in all areas of our lives / wellbeing. How imbalances in the body/mind can block us from thriving in ‘life’.

So today I’m declaring to share my message more often/widely to reach those that need it. Having taken my own explorative path from a place of burnout and imbalance. I’m now extremely excited to share this, supporting those like me, perhaps at a stage of transition, to thrive.

Are you / Someone you know interested to find out more about the 12 week pilot dynamic group coaching programme: Surviving to Thriving : Re-root, Re-Energise, Rise and Thrive- helping and supporting those in a place of stress, overwhelm, imbalance or adrenal fatigue to rekindle their passions, gain clarity, recognise their worth and thrive ?

Currently this powerful pilot group programme is offered at a huge discount. To find out more do fill out the form below, so that we can arrange a complimentary consultation (approx 30 mins) to see if you are a good fit for the programme.

Please indicate a good date and time to schedule your consultation. In the notes please indicate: 1) What your biggest health challenge is ? 2) What is your one big health goal ? 3) How long have you struggled with this ? 4) What have you tried so far that hasn’t worked for you? 5) What is your biggest challenge with not accessing your goal ? 6) What is your biggest motivation for wanting to reach it (your goal) ?

Many thanks I look forward to connecting with you and supporting you in your journey.

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