Autumn: A time of transition and transformation

Have you ever felt stuck ?  Maybe you’ve had a physical feeling of ‘stuck-ness’ or an issue like writer’s block, impeding your creativity, or you’ve felt stuck in a job or relationship ? 

It’s clear from the often articulated … “It’s just what I need(ed) … “Thank you” .. voiced before or after a yoga practice, that many recognise the physical benefits of freeing up the body.  It’s noticed how yoga is a way to get your body moving. But .. perhaps less widely acknowledged, recognised or attributed, is that it’s a great method for activating internal energies: shifting thought patterns and opening up to creative inspiration.  For me clarity only arises during those moments of stillness created through a yoga and mindfulness practice.   

So, how can yoga help you to ‘let go’ ?

 .. To move forward, to let go of who you think you ‘should be’ of what you think you are ‘supposed’ to achieve, of ‘how’ you believe you should look and ‘what’ you ‘should’ feel like and, perhaps most challenging, to let go of harsh self-judgment and inner-critic.

3 Tips to ‘let go’ of anything holding you back, unleash your creativity and move forward : To grow 🌱

1) Notice what ‘fears’ might be holding you back and address them.  Eg. Perhaps you’re not starting tasks because you think you’re not ‘good enough’  Release that belief. Schedule your tasks, set a timer, (50mins) and do what you can.

2) Set intentions to keep you focused, productive, avoiding distractions that might zap your energy and help to move you forward.  Eg. Remind yourself of a simple intention to ‘be kind’, be kind to ‘yourself’ through activities that will nourish you and your energy.  Schedule regular self -care, things that you love to do, try to involve physical activity and improve your physical fitness / energy eg. walks in nature/outdoors, socialising with friends, a fitness activity, yoga.

2) Get lost in your breath, be in the moment.  Bring your awareness to your breath. Connect with your breath. Visualise a deep breath coming in: nurturing, nourishing and revitalising your body/mind and spirit and a big sigh out releasing any tension of the moment.  Breathe it all in, let it all go, re-center and go to that safe, comfortable place within. Each new breath is an opportunity to start afresh.

Racheleyoga October Class themes have centred on ‘letting go’ releasing what doesn’t serve us so that we can move forward.

If you live in the Market Harborough area and you’d like to explore the benefits of practising yoga to unleash ‘your’ creativity: whether you are new to yoga or not .. Do join us in our next event:

Creative Yoga Workshop Sunday November 17th 2019 .. Book your place ASAP.

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