Spotlight pose of the week, wc:06/03/17

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Well we are now into March.  It will soon be spring ⛅ 😉.  Yet, as I write, it feels suddenly very cold,❄ the sky is dark 🌑, and the rain pelts down on my window pain.

‘You cannot always control what goes on outside.  But you can always control what goes on inside.’

Time then, to unblock energy as we look to’Manipura’ the chakra associated with fire 🔥 , the colour yellow, and the area around the navel or solar plexus.  When in balance, we feel alive.  We have the self-esteem and confidence to take action and be productive. When blocked, we lack courage, have low self-esteem.  We feel stagnant and inert.

By working on Manipura chakra, we can awaken our true personal inner power, our warrior energy, and work through our fear of taking risks.  Boat is an energizing pose that ignites your core muscles, creating power for transformation.

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    This week we’ll draw our awareness to the 4th Chakra…


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