Spotlight pose of the week wc: 27/02/17

Actually it’s not a pose at’s a sequence. !😍🙏:  The Sun Salutations  (Surya Namaskaras).  giphyThese fluid sequences stimulate circulation and a sense of creative expression, opening us to enjoy the simple flow and flavour of creative energy.  This week we look at the second chakra: Svadhistana (from sva, ‘self’ and adhistana, ‘dwelling place’), this chakra symbolizes the core feelings we have around likes and dislikes.  It represents the water element and so reflects the shifting tides of attraction and repulsion.  Often associated with the pelvic organs and the colour orange.  When in balance it represents creatively expressing ourselves in the world of relationships that helps to sustain our contentment, sensuality, sexuality, vitality and potency.  If we find ourselves being easily addicted, compulsive, lacking desire or having difficulty sustaining relationships, then svadisthana chakra is imbalanced.

Next week we move further up the ‘Rainbow Bridge’, to the chakra represented by the colour yellow, the Manipura Chakra


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