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Monday: Bottle Rocket, East Farndon.

Tuesday: Gentle Flow, Church Langton.  (Some me for more info)

Thursday: Bottle Rocket, Great Easton.

9.30-10.30am  Monday Morning Mindful Flow, Woodcock Theatre Arts, Mkt Harboro.

9.15-10.15am  Thursday  Morning Mindful Flow, Foxton.                                                  

9.30-10.30am  Friday Fun flow, Woodcock Theatre Arts, Mkt. Harboro.  

Book online or contact  if you have any questions / to register your interest in starting a yoga practice with Rachele

Wear comfortable clothing and bring a mat and bottle of water.

If you wish to use a blanket, bolster, block or strap bring these along too.

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7 thoughts on “Classes:

  1. I am interested in starting yoga. I did it years ago and would like to restart. Have you any places for a beginner?


    1. Hi Sharon, I do have places for beginners .. Were you interested in an evening class or daytime ? (I’ll try and message/chat with you to see what would most suit you)


      1. Dear Rachel
        I would be interested in daytime classes


  2. Hi Sharon,
    Summer Rocket Yoga School would be perfect for you 🙏❤️🚀?
    We’ll be covering the foundational yoga poses (perfect for beginner’s / re-starters), bandhas, drishti and breath. You’ll get an introduction to the Superfun, dynamic practice of Rocket Yoga … in a small, nurturing class environment. I’ve JUST opened bookings up on my site here: for both Tuesday and Thursday mornings – Love you to join us ❤️


    1. Dear Rachel
      I am unable to do the Summer Rocket classes as I shall be missing two of them. I was also hoping that there would be weekly classes rather than blocks of classes. Many thanks for your help.


      1. Hi Sharon, No problem at all. The Summer Rocket School is a special course to run over the Summer period after which more regular daytime classes resume.


      2. Hi Sharon, Oh what a shame …. The Summer Rocket Yoga School is a special course to run over the Summer period to offer familiarity and practice in the foundational poses, breath work etc.. … whilst giving a taster of ‘Rocket Yoga’ ❤️🙏🚀. The intention to develop healthy habits and the option to join a more regular class when they resume after the Summer.
        My rationale for offering blocks and not drop-in’s is to build a lovely community of encouraging, committed, supportive yoginis/yogis. If there are dates you know that you can’t do but would still like to join ..we can probably work around those / work it as a class pass…. So do get back in touch if this interests you x


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