Learnings from Costa Rica : ‘Nauli-land’

No surprise that research shows ‘taking more vacation results in greater success at work as well as lower stress and more happiness at work and home’ (The Data-Driven Case for Vacation, Shawn Achor & Michelle Gielan, Harvard Business Review) .

Touching down on the Costa Rican soil at Tamarindo airport a sense of: calm and excitement, anticipation of friendships to be made, adventures to be had, learnings, experiences, new skills to be gained, and inspiration to be harnessed, was observed.

In being closer to nature in all its forms ; a connection to the earth helping the brain to unwind is witnessed. The Tamarindo coastline bringing birds, fish, iguanas, sloths, monkeys, crabs, birds of paradise and all other manner of wildlife, all experiencing the same sensations as the humans on the beach with them.  This interconnectedness is comforting and was embraced.

Teachings from inspirational yoga teacher Amber Gean are laced with affectionate stories about the late Larry Schultz, founder of Rocket Yoga, named as such because it ‘gets you there faster’.  In one such story Amber tells of Larry planning his yoga practice session for Jerry Garcia, the singer-songwriter for the band ‘Grateful Dead’.  Larry was yoga instructor to the band and would tour with them.  When he wasn’t touring he would stay in a cottage close by.  The story has it that Larry, wondering how to motivate the less than agile Jerry, thought he’d hit a lightbulb moment when he came up with the idea of teaching him Nauli,  this is a kriya / cleansing breath.  (Sajeeva Yoga gives a good description here if you are interested).

On the morning of the practice in question Larry strode up to Jerry with full enthusiasm demonstrating the practice right in front of him (you have to see the visualisation ..it involves taking a big exhale, folding forward and ‘churning’ the abdominal area) . Anyway poor Larry’s enthusiasm and effort was met by derision and bad language as he got dispatched back to his cottage … ‘Nauliland’ .. as it became known by the band .. the place where ‘Nauli-man’ lived and did all those ‘weird’… ‘yoga type’.. things ….

Why is this significant ?  Well .. I think I have a name for my yoga cabin !  My ‘why’, for doing what I do, comes from the healing that I observed for myself some years ago going through anxiety issues.   Yoga was, and still is, my medicine and I’m driven and passionate about sharing its power with others.  Years ago I visioned a sanctuary in my garden where a community might meet, experience and share the ‘weird teachings of yoga’ …perhaps its called Nauliland ? … Welcome to ‘Rocket School’ ❤️🙏🚀



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