Workshop Announcement – BOOK NOW Shift Happens ! A Yang and Yin Workshop. Preparing for balance in 2019.

Shift Happens – A Rocket and Yin Yoga Workshop with Racheleyoga to find more balance in 2019

‘Balance’ : Set the intention. Start the journey !

Robert Monk Hall, Foxton, Leicestershire 27th January 3.00-6.00pm.

Tickets now on sale!


Book now for January’s Yin Yang Yoga Workshop which seeks to promote body, mind and spirit balance for 2019.  Start the ‘rest of your year’ in your stride; fully rebalanced and recharged.  Cultivate physical, mental and emotional steadiness to embrace all the challenges and joys of the year ahead.

Fusing three styles of yoga in one session.  This 3 hour workshop, ‘Shift Happens’, offers you the space to explore Yin and Yang energies in different styles of yoga practice.  This is time out for you to reflect on your yin and yang qualities and to learn how to balance yin and yang energies, through stillness, movement, sound and silence.  Combine the benefits of an energising dynamic Yang practice with passive Yin poses and Yoga Nidra.

The workshop will commence with a pure yang, super fun dynamic practice, of Rocket Yoga, quickly building heat as the body moves in all directions to work muscles and increase blood flow, promoting strength, stamina and flexibility.

Larry Shultz ‘Rocketman’ (November 14, 1950 – February 27, 2011) : Founder of Rocket Yoga

Our workshop will then move into a deep-healing, floor-based Yin Yoga practice incorporating self-reflection, pranayama, mindfulness meditation and mantra. Yin is a deep and meditative form of yoga, using longer holds in floor postures to allow deeper layers (fascia) within our body to release. It contrasts beautifully with Rocket / Yang Yoga.

yoga-2959214_1920 (1)

Please note that Rocket is a mixed level practice, options of more challenging postures will be offered alongside modifications/alternatives for access at all levels.

New to Yin ? No worries !  Yin yoga is suitable for all levels. It uses long-held passive stretches to put pressure on deeper tissues of the body and stimulate energy channels to enhance and strengthen the flow of Qi (prana) in the body. It can offer quite a challenge – to stay present and allow various sensations to arise, yet the overall effect of the practice is immensely calming, stabilising and soothing.

We’ll end with Yoga Nidra (deep rest) including setting an intention for the year ahead.

Shift Happens is your gift to yourself. It will reset your system, encourage you to appreciate yourself and reflect on your wonderful life. It will restore your natural vitality, help you identify changes you might want to make in the future and prepare you for the rest of 2019 in a mindful, relaxed and calm state of being.

Kidney and urinary bladder are the organs that belong to Water element within us and correspond to the winter season, so our yin yoga session will focus on poses and movements that will stimulate these meridian lines in the body. You will get a little theory of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) and how it links to Yin yoga, but mostly we practice .. being still, listening, unpacking, inquiring, resting … This will feel like a deep massage, acupuncture and mindfulness session, all rolled into one.

Investment: £35.00 per person including refreshments.

How to book:
Bookings are through Racheleyoga’s booking page
Places are limited so please book early and secure your place immediately via BAC’s.
Your place will be confirmed and you’ll receive email joining instructions within 24 hours of payment.


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