Pregnancy Yoga in a Safe and Supported Space

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2 thoughts on “Pregnancy Yoga in a Safe and Supported Space

  1. Kristen Maudling January 23, 2018 — 4:26 pm

    Hi Rachel,

    That class looks great, I would love to join but I think unfortunately the timing will be far too tight for me to attend with only finishing work at 5:30 in Brixworth. So disappointed! Would be nice to chat to other mums too. I’ll try to swap classes for the first week and perhaps join (quietly) 10 minutes late(?) just so I can get an idea of the flow I can take to the other class.


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  2. It is a lovely course of just 4 classes Kristen. The starting time is now 6pm. If you have an understanding employer with some flexibility…I’d have a chat with them about finishing slightly earlier on a Thursday. Happy to chat about health, body, and mind benefits of this pregnancy specific programme / practice. (It’s very different/special) Rachele x


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