Spotlight pose of the week, wc:27/03/17

lion_2481It’s ‘two for one’ this week 😉😍 , with Lions breath, a pose and a  pranayama or (breath control practice) combined.  We look to the 6th, Ajna or third eye chakra this week.  This chakra signifies insight, spiritual reflection, subconscious mind, higher knowledge and the subtler aspects of sight.  Ajna chakra is associated with the ‘element’ of light  (science teaching friends might not let me get away with calling it an element !? 😱 but that’s for another discussion).  We can think of it as illuminating everything without a filter of the past, expectations or judgment; beginning to see things as they actually are without the projection of light or colour of ego.

In Lion’s breath we can take drishti or gaze to the third eye.

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