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Week 4 of ‘Our Journey through the Chakras’ takes us to Camel or Ustrasana pose opens the heart centre ❤.  Other heart opening poses include Cobra and Open-forward folds.  This week we bring our awareness to the heart, or ‘Anahata’, chakra.  This fourth chakra is at the centre of the human energy system.  Associated with the colour green and element air, when blocked we may become possessive and codependent, forming dysfunctional relationships, staying isolated for fear of rejection. When you stimulate the Anahata chakra, you can heal past wounds by reopening the heart, learning to love unconditionally, and forming healthy relationships.

‘The way of the heart’ or ‘the path of the heart’ is living your life from this energy centre of love.  Through learning to live with loving kindness and compassion we can  inspire this in others. ❤💛💚💙💜



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