Spotlight pose of the week w.c. 20/02/17: Tree pose (Vrikshasana)

‘Ok Monday …Let’s do this !’….treepose

Today sees the start of the new yoga courses and class blocks with a focus on the Chakras 🙏

Over half term it may be that you’ve had the opportunity to connect with nature, family and friends.  Maybe even to ‘find your roots’.  In classes this week we’ll be drawing our awareness to Muladhara, the Root Chakra’.   Vrikshasana (tree pose) embodies this chakra.  As we root/ground through the heals, we make a firm connection with the earth, giving us the dual action of ‘rising’ through the crown of the head, finding lightness, balance, energy and stability in our posture.

Taken from Chakras-Yoga for Beginner’s, Yoga journal

‘The Muladhara governs your family ties and feelings of survival, belonging, and guardedness. Your earliest memories are stored here, including whether or not your basic needs were met. When it is blocked or out of balance, you can become needy, have low self-esteem, or have self-destructive behaviors. When Muladhara is in balance, you feel strong and confident; you can stand up on your own two feet and take care of yourself.’


I’ll leave you with a caption from …

The Mythology Behind Vrikshasana (Tree Pose), Yoga international

Trees are patient creatures. They live a long, quiet time, and they know how to stand firm through all the changes of day and night, climate and season. Silently, those ashoka trees spoke to Sita: “Stay still, little sister. Be calm and steady, like us. Seasons change, we know, we know. This captivity is not forever. Stay still, and remember Rama.”

Thanks for reading, have a beautiful week 😉

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