A Yin / Yang Deep Cleanse Yoga Workshop for Deep Spring 🌼🌻🌹🌷

My intrigue in yin yoga was sparked, and my practice and exploration continues to be fuelled, by the healing offered through working the deep connective tissue and fascia.  ‘Releasing the issues in the tissues’.

New to yoga or more practiced: In this Yin/Yang workshop you are invited to share an exploration of the amazing powers of yoga; the yang, ashtanga-vinyasa style, with Yin and Yoga Nidra.  To get moving and bring a ‘Spark’ in Mid-Spring :  A lightening of the load.  A detoxing.  A releasing. Releasing energy blocks and re-energising body, mind and spirit. 🙏❤SpringDetox2018.

Piezoelectricity is what allows a cigarette lighter to produce that tiny spark. Static electricity is created here by bending a crystal. Collagen in our bodies produces electricity in a similar way and this is what guides bone growth. Collagen fibres in bone get stretched and flexed and produce electrical charge, which gets detected by bone cells (osteoblasts) which start laying down new crystals onto the collagen fibres. The connective fabric of our bodies, the tissue that wraps and joins our entire body, is in effect an interconnected living electrical web. Ancient Chinese descriptions of Acupuncture Channels and Qi (energy flows) seem to recognise this but Western medicine perhaps less so ?

EARLYBIRD Investment: £30.00 per person including refreshments.

How to book:
Bookings are through Racheleyoga’s booking page
Places are limited so please book early and secure your place immediately via BAC’s.
Your place will be confirmed and you’ll receive email joining instructions within 24 hours of payment.

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