Your wings already exist. All you need to do is Fly ! ✈

This month’s theme is ‘Taking Spiritual Flight’:  Getting rid of the sand bags that weigh us down and having the courage to take off.

For me, I’ve carried fears around being in front of a camera.  Those fears are amplified when the camera becomes video … recording voice as well as visual 🙈🙉🙊.

I’ve been asked many times to produce something for when classes are not on due to holidays etc.  So I’ve finally risen to the challenge, embraced the fear and produced a very first video introducing #pregnancy #yoga.   It’s a long way from perfect (and cringe-worthy much of the time !) but hey I’m posting it anyway.  Hoping someone will find some inspiration from it somewhere ? Playing with greenscreen was all part of the journey (genie on a ‘flying’ carpet was never intended to be a part  ! ..Neither was airplane arms if the video is paused with my arms outstretched).

Enjoy and let me know what fears you intend to overcome or challenges you might embrace in the comments x

If you’ve been feeling particularly weighed down of late.  It may help you to know this :Flight

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